What is Yahoo Temporary Error 15? | Why Does My Yahoo Email Say Invalid?

Yahoo Error 15:- This error is usually temporary and gets fixed quickly after refreshing the Yahoo for 5 to 10 times. However, sometimes this error can stay for a long time and cause a great deal of trouble.

The particular error not only stops you in using Yahoo email but also freeze your email applications along with your other files.

Why you go through with Yahoo Error 15?

It usually takes place due to RAM decline, registry mistakes, unwanted files, and unwanted program installation.

Examine our in-depth walk-through solutions below.

Solution 1. Check your internet connection

“Yahoo temporary error 15” may befall due to a slow or broken internet connection. Try to connect using another network such as mobile data to verify if you can connect.

Solution 2. Log out & sign in back again

Sometimes errors occur due to having more than one account on a single system, so you can try to sign out from your account and log in again after a few moments.

Solution 3. Access Yahoo Mail on Compatible browser

The browser you are currently operating might not be the correct fit for Yahoo mail. 

To fix this difficulty, we have put together a list of supported Yahoo browsers.

  • Firefox
  •  Chrome
  • Edge 
  • Safari

Note:- Internet Explorer is no longer a supported browser for Yahoo.

Solution 4. Empty browser cache & cookies

Everyone uses a browser daily to check emails, social media, etc Your browser performs to hold onto information, and over time it could cause difficulties with logging into Yahoo Mail or you may face temporary error 15 while accessing Yahoo

So It’s always a good idea to empty out the cache, or browser history, and clear cookies on a daily basis.

Solution 5. Reset your web browser settings

Resetting your browser to its default setting can normally fix all the difficulties, so it is suggested to reset your web browser to solve your issue.


So, these all were the actions to fix the Yahoo temporary error 15, if in case there is any user who fails to settle the problem then go through the Yahoo customer support page for an immediate solution.

Yahoo COVID 19 updates:- Yahoo Started a Free Get Online Business Plans to Help Yahoo Small Business Owners

How Yahoo helping Small business owner by providing free services & support during the COVID-19 crisis.

Yahoo has declared:- it is giving a free Get Online Business Plans to help small businesses operating the COVID-19 pandemic. 

The new plans involve a free package of services to provide SMBs with a digital appearance, 5 Business Email Address, Local works Report, website, and Small business expert support to help them stay in touch with customers and remain flexible as the marketplace changes in response to the global pandemic.

Managing Director of Yahoo Small Business said, “The influence of COVID-19 on the small business sector is disastrous,” 

And for Small business owners, they give the digital appearance so the all sizes business owner gets in touch with current customers and discover new ones. 

This is how Yahoo helps small business owners at zero cost because we know small businesses are now struggling with so many problems.

And we hope that this action will allow a significant number of small businesses to move online and stay in touch with their clients without worrying about the price.”

8 benefits of getting online

The Get Online package includes services to help Yahoo small business owners.

So they can stay in touch with current and new clients and update them via Yahoo Get onlineThis service includes:

  1. Domain name registration (yourbusiness.com).
  2. Website builder package with design tools and templates to immediately publish a professional website.
  3. A professional five email addresses with custom-brand name.
  4. Business plan creator to help administrators and small business owners plan the next steps and help with the documentation needed for relief initiatives.
  5. A Localworks Scan to view how a business looks online in 70 directories to help SMBs make updates to keep clients up to speed with changes to services.
  6. Conference time from a small business specialist.
  7. Yahoo Support representatives accessible 24/7
  8. Unlimited bandwidth & 10 GB storage to avoid running out of digital space.

Yahoo Small Business “COVID-19 Resource Center

Yahoo Small Business has designed a COVID-19 Resource Center, a collection of information to support the small business sector handle difficulties resulting from the pandemic.

The Small Business Resource Guide is updated every day with support from government, non-profit, and private organizations to support small businesses during this disaster.

How to protect access to your email by enabling 2-step authentication

Yahoo has the option of 2 step verification to increase the security and shield access to mail.

Why you should use the Two-Step verification in Yahoo?

Our emails carry a lot of sensitive information. In our inbox, we have online purchases, bank account data, and information from our contacts. The only thing that prevents attackers out is the strength of our passwords.

To enhance the security of your account from the hack and steal attempts, you can use a Yahoo 2 step verification method using the Yahoo Authenticate help.

 It helps you to protect your account in most possible cases, even if a rogue manages to get your password. 

How does Yahoo 2FA work?

The verification of two factors makes the method more difficult for criminals as it adds another layer of security to the combination of username and password. 

Basically, if the criminal tries to access your account with your password from an unknown device, the system requires a second verification and your account remains safe unless the attacker has access to your mobile device.

Enable Yahoo two-step verification

  • Under your account, click on the icon with the cogwheel in the upper right and later on My account.
  • Now under “Login and security” click on “Set up your second login verification” and then snap on “Enable”.
  • It will request your mobile number. Enter the mobile number and wait for the Code.
  • Insert the code which you receive through text message.

Two-step verification is now activated for Your email. You only require to configure the applications that you use your email.

In this way, you have added a further layer of security to your yahoo mail, so that only you can have entrance to your mail as in case someone tries to access your mail, they will need the other access code.

Disable Yahoo Two-Step Verification

As we describe above, how Yahoo’s two-step verification works and how it safeguards your data and private content. The benefits of this security system are clear.

But sometimes this extra layer of security on your account may not help you. For this reason, you should learn how to disable 2FA in your Yahoo account.


  1. Log in to Yahoo and visit personal info
  2. Snap-on “Yahoo Account Security” and gives the credentials again if provoked.
  3. Continue to “Two-Step Verification” and disable the button.

Two-Step Verification will be disabled and you will end getting log in alerts.

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How to Contact Yahoo for 24*7 Support Service

Yahoo Customer Support can no longer be reached directly by phone or email unless you have a pro subscription of Yahoo. Commonly asked questions can be found under Yahoo help central or in the user community. 

To get the free and direct response from Yahoo representative is by conveying a message on your Facebook or Twitter page, but don’t assume it to be immediate.

If you don’t want to wait and need urgent support then you can contact to third-party Yahoo technical customer service, who are available 24*7 for all Yahoo users, they have experts who can give you complete guidance for your problems.

Well, we recommend that you should first search for Yahoo help articles for your problem and try to solve your issue.

But, if the problem persists, its time to contact Yahoo, check out below the best way to contact Yahoo team.

Contact Yahoo Technical team by email

1. In any web browser go to the Yahoo help page and click on the Contact us switch.

2. Here you will be asked to give your email address and product for which you need support. 

3. So, enter your email address and choose your product.

3. After completing reCAPTCHA, you will require to click on the Get started button. 

4. Now on the next screen, you will get the two options:-

  • Contact a Yahoo specialist
  • See product-related help articles

5. From the given choices, you will require to select Contact a Yahoo specialist option. You will be addressed to the next screen where you will be asked to choose the option under the category where it says What can we help you with.

6. For case, if you will pick a Hacked accounts option, you will be delivered to another screen where you will be asked to provide more reports about your issue. So, select the appropriate option under “Tell us more about the issue”.

7. After selecting the option under Tell us more about the issue, you will be delivered to the next screen where you will be given the following couple options for help:

  • Chat with a Yahoo specialist
  • Email a Yahoo Specialist

8. Here if you wish to get help from a Yahoo professional via live chat support, simply select Chat with a Yahoo specialist option and follow the on-screen prompts to get connected to a Yahoo expert.

9. Furthermore, if you wish to get assistance from a Yahoo specialist via email support, then you will need to select the “Email a Yahoo specialist” option and follow option.

Get Yahoo Assistance through Social Media

Communicate to Yahoo by Facebook

  • Open the Yahoo Facebook page.
  • To talk to Yahoo, you must now send them information by clicking on the “Send Message” button.
  • Furthermore, you can reach them by clicking on the call now option.

Reach Yahoo by Twitter

  • Login to your account and visit the Yahoo Twitter page.
  • Now you can talk to Yahoo by sending them a tweet.
  • To do this, you must tap on the tweets option.
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