How to protect access to your email by enabling 2-step authentication

Yahoo has the option of 2 step verification to increase the security and shield access to mail.

Why you should use the Two-Step verification in Yahoo?

Our emails carry a lot of sensitive information. In our inbox, we have online purchases, bank account data, and information from our contacts. The only thing that prevents attackers out is the strength of our passwords.

To enhance the security of your account from the hack and steal attempts, you can use a Yahoo 2 step verification method using the Yahoo Authenticate help.

 It helps you to protect your account in most possible cases, even if a rogue manages to get your password. 

How does Yahoo 2FA work?

The verification of two factors makes the method more difficult for criminals as it adds another layer of security to the combination of username and password. 

Basically, if the criminal tries to access your account with your password from an unknown device, the system requires a second verification and your account remains safe unless the attacker has access to your mobile device.

Enable Yahoo two-step verification

  • Under your account, click on the icon with the cogwheel in the upper right and later on My account.
  • Now under “Login and security” click on “Set up your second login verification” and then snap on “Enable”.
  • It will request your mobile number. Enter the mobile number and wait for the Code.
  • Insert the code which you receive through text message.

Two-step verification is now activated for Your email. You only require to configure the applications that you use your email.

In this way, you have added a further layer of security to your yahoo mail, so that only you can have entrance to your mail as in case someone tries to access your mail, they will need the other access code.

Disable Yahoo Two-Step Verification

As we describe above, how Yahoo’s two-step verification works and how it safeguards your data and private content. The benefits of this security system are clear.

But sometimes this extra layer of security on your account may not help you. For this reason, you should learn how to disable 2FA in your Yahoo account.


  1. Log in to Yahoo and visit personal info
  2. Snap-on “Yahoo Account Security” and gives the credentials again if provoked.
  3. Continue to “Two-Step Verification” and disable the button.

Two-Step Verification will be disabled and you will end getting log in alerts.

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